About Us

About Us

Who we are

We are group of people passionate about making the lives of the dissidents known to the public. Please, meet our team.

What we do

We create non-fictive but dramatic animations, podcasts and texts about dissidents. We have already created an animation about Tank Man and we are currently campaigning to create new ones. Read more about our goals.

Principles We Work To

We work to the following principles:

  • Being substantively accurate. We will never knowingly include substantively inaccurate depictions of events in our stories. They are dramatic enough as they are.
  • Being not-for-profit. We want you to feel the stories are part of a global human heritage, stories that belong to us all.
  • Our stories being digitally free. We might license the stories for broadcast and sell hard copies of the stories for fundraising, but otherwise we want our stories to be as easily and widely available as possible. We will encourage digital copying.
  • Showing the movement, not just the individual. While the stories focus on individuals (or in some cases small groups), those individuals are nearly always part of a larger movement. In telling the individuals' stories, we aim to also make it clear they were part of a larger movement.
  • Being interesting. In telling the stories, we want to move you - not just to sympathy and admiration, but at times to laughter and anger.
  • Being participatory. We wish eventually to enable you to have a say about which stories are produced, and to be able to provide details for the stories. We also wish to tap into the creative talent of our audience in producing the stories.

Our Basic Values

We believe that the aim of politics is to allow people to lead a ‘good life’, and that collective decision making is the way to enable that. Our basic values are:

  • Freedom of speech (excepting hate speech)
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom from intimidation and persecution
  • Fair trials in court and the absence of torture
  • Universal suffrage for adults.

We are neutral on other matters. We do not wish to promote any political system or set of beliefs with our stories, but showcase the civic virtue of the dissidents.
We do not support the use of violence in dissent.

We Are Apolitical

We are apolitical – we are a storytelling and memorial organisation.

By telling the story of a particular dissident, we are not endorsing their political beliefs – we are praising their civic virtue. We are certain that the dissidents we tell stories about would disagree about politics amongst themselves; a political viewpoint beyond our basic principles is not possible for us.

We Are Secular

We have no religious position, and regard our project as secular. We appreciate that many dissidents have strong religious convictions, and we will not exclude their religiosity from our stories if we feel they are vital to the particular telling of the story.

Advisory Panel

We have an advisory panel which:

  1. gives strategic advice to our organisation and
  2. inducts nominated dissidents into the ‘hall’ for story production based on their collective opinion.

Our Attitude To Violent Dissent

We do not support violence in dissent.